Blue Topaz Baggie
Blue Topaz Baggie

Blue Topaz Baggie

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· Abundance   · Health   · Joy

This beautiful high-grade blue Topaz is from Brazil

Releasing tension is and cleansing the aura. These joyful stones will clear all your negativity and bring joy to you and your household.

Bringing Abundance to your life. Topaz will raise your self-confidence to help you to ingest new information to help with your ability to learn new things. To further enhance this new ability, Topaz will help you achieve perfection and bring success to your upcoming goals/milestones.

It is beneficial as an ally when setting personal attainment goals as it is incredibly supportive for affirmations and manifestation work.

Place Topaz near your heat to help soothe emotional worries, fears, and anxieties.

These are sold in our branded pink jute bag, perfect for crystal candles, grides or any crystal crafts.

Born In: Brazil
Weight: 50grams per bag (approx)