Guava Quartz Tower - 39
Guava Quartz Tower - 39

Guava Quartz Tower - 39

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· Universal Love   · Purifying   · Detoxifying

Guava Quartz holds all the same properties as Clear Quartz but with universal love.

Guava Quartz Is a great stone to help with love and healing the heart. If you're looking to find your soulmate then Guava Quartz will help guide your intuition to attract this person into your life.

An extremely high vibration crystal, Guava Quartz has the power to transform a room into a sacred space. Associated with deep energy cleanses, Quava Quartz will make you feel reborn.

Helping you to alleviate emotional pain and release energetic blockages, Quartz will set you free and let light in.

This crystal not only raises the vibration of surrounding crystals but also amplifies them. Quartz will only enhance positive energy, leaving negativity behind. Channelling specific energy during meditation will send it out into your space leaving you surrounded with blissfulness.

Born In: Brazil
Weight: 218grams