Romanian Blue Barite - 100
Romanian Blue Barite - 100

Romanian Blue Barite - 100

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· Trauma   · Grief   · Clarity

I have so much love for this navy blue Barite from Romania

Blue Barite is a valuable instrument to aid with memory and to establish a stronger connection with the divine realm.

The most significant of its characteristics is its healing power to deal with trauma and emotional grief.

The incredible, light energy emitting from Blue Barite won’t feel empowering, but it will significantly impact your life.

This mineral brings ease into your life. Making you feel comfortable. Allow its vibrations to take effect on your body and soul.

Blue Barite can be found in various shades of blue, ranging from dark shades to pale-blue and even almost colourless.

Born In: Romania
Measurements: 6.5 x 6.0cm
Weight: 85grams