Apophyllite Meanings and Crystal Properties

· Positivity   · Intuition   · Empathy   · Trauma Healing   · Energy Cleanse   · Angelic Communication

Unmistakably angelic Apophyllite holds high vibrations that raise our spirit and energises our surroundings. Helping us release suppressed emotional trauma.

The crystal of optimism, expansion, and joy. Apophyllite can help you feel hope, even when all seems lost. This stone can help any Negative Nancy become more of an optimist. It brings about a sense of joy and positivity.

It can help people who suffer from depression, as well as people who need to stay positive, including people who are actively looking for a new job as well as freelancers.


Apophyllite is a great stone to help you become more intuitive. If you’re already an empath, using this crystal can help you hone in on your gifts instead of letting others take advantage of you.

Apophyllite creates a safe space in which we feel at ease, and let go of burdens, use Apophyllite during meditation to help you connect with your guardian angels and guides.

Apophyllite can also come in different colours including pink. Pink Apophyllite resonates around love.

Pink apophyllite is the rarest shade of apophyllite and the highest in demand, making this extremely rare.

Born In: India
Zodiac: Libra ♎️ & Gemini ♊️ 

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