Choosing the perfect Crystal this Valentine's Day
Valentines Day is just around the corner, and what could be more appropriate than using crystals to help boost your love life? Here are four stones that can offer some assistance this Valentine's Day...
Zeolite Meaning and Crystal Properties
Zeolites are a type of mineral found in the earth's crust. These crystals often include Stilbite, Prehnite and Pectolite to name just three! They can be used for purifying water or cleaning up and removing negative energies from a space.The Zeolite...
Best 7 Crystals for Anxiety
Many different crystals can be used to help with anxiety. Some of the most popular crystals include amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz. These crystals are said to work by absorbing negative energy and releasing positive energy.
Apophyllite Meanings and Crystal Properties
The crystal of optimism, expansion, and joy. Apophyllite can help you feel hope, even when all seems lost. This stone can help any Negative Nancy become more of an optimist. It brings about a sense of joy and positivity.
Easy Ways To Cleanse Your Crystals
Cleansing should be a calming experience... Your Crystals aren't going to fly outta town if you miss a full moon! We love our fellow members of the crystal community, and we are all about sharing the love, light, and healing...