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Every story has a beginning. Discover how The Crystal Company was born.


Meet Alex

The founder of The Crystal Company, mother of three and lover of all things pink! Combining knowledge and spiritual experiences has made a great formula to a happier life. She loves connecting with other crystal lovers and welcomes you all into her crystal family.

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It all started with a Rose Quartz tumble stone...

our mission

To heal the world with crystals

The Crystal Company has a vision, passion, and dream to share the beauty of crystals, their healing properties, and energy with the universe...

From Mother Earth To Your Home

The Story

In February 2020 Alex and her youngest daughter Hunnie were involved in a major car accident. Starting the day as usual and ending it in resus was the last thing she would have imagined, and this day changed her life forever. 

Thankfully Alex and her daughter had no major physical injuries but mentally Alex was extremely affected. After the accident her daily life became a struggle as she was suffering with anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD.

Weeks after the accident, one of Alex's clients gave her a gift which was a bag of crystal tumble stones. They had spoken previously about Alex's interest in crystals that she had since she was a little girl, which made this the sweetest gift to recieve.This gift helped reignite Alex's love for crystals and their magical powers they posess. Feeingl comfort, stength and confidence, this allowed her to heal and feel like herself again. The world was then hit with the COVID19 Pandemic which forced many people out of work (including Alex) and resulted in many people experiencing mental health issues. Alex wanted to help others the way that crystal energy had helped her.

This is where The Crystal Company was born.