The Story

The Crystal Company was created by a woman with a vision, passion, and dream to share the beauty and healing properties of crystals with the universe.

It all started with a Rose Quartz tumble stone...

Meet The Founder Alex

Alexandra Harris Founder

Hello darlings, i'm Alex. For as long as i can remember, I have been in tune with my third eye chakra, crystals and Mother Earth. I remember being a young girl walking through spiritual fairs with my dad and being in total ore with the magical realm and inner contentment it gave me.

In February 2020 me and my youngest daughter were involved in a major car accident which changed my life forever. 
Suffering with anxiety, OCD and now PTSD was making my daily life a real struggle and i couldn't seem to get back to being me.

A gift of crystals was kindly given to me by a friend to help with my healing and mental state which completely reignited my passion and love for crystals once again.

This is when 
The Crystal Company was born.