Citrine Crystal Healing Properties

Citrine Crystal Healing Properties

Citrine is a stone that radiates positivity and happiness. It is known as the "success stone" because it is said to promote success, good fortune, and abundance. This is the best crystal to boost those manifestations if you have intentions that involve achieving success in financial or business ventures. 

Citrine is a power crystal that increases mental clarity and boosts one's ability to manifest desires. The crystal is also an aura protector; it acts as an early warning system so that action can be taken to protect oneself.

What is Citrine? 

Citrine is a variety of quartz that ranges in colour from pale yellow to golden brown. Its name comes from the French word for lemon, "citron." This crystal is a powerful stone for manifestation, so you can also use it in your crystal grids and meditation practices to help manifest your desires.

Citrine carries the sun’s power, making it warming, energising and highly creative.  The stone absorbs, transmutes, dissipates, and grounds negative energy, therefore highly protective of the environment.

Citrine Freeform

Where is Citrine From?

Citrine is found in many countries worldwide, including Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, France, Britain and the United States. Our Citrine is sourced from Brazil, which produces the highest quality Citrine.

It should be noted that, unfortunately, a large majority of ‘Citrine’ on the market is not natural Citrine but rather heat-treated Amethyst. When buying Citrine, you need to make sure you know what you're buying. General rule; If it seems cheap, it’s more than likely heat-treated Amethyst.

At The Crystal Company, we only sell natural crystals; the same goes for our Citrine.

You always want to make sure you are buying your crystals from reputable shops, as some sellers are not so honest or unaware that the ‘Citrine’ they are selling isn’t actually Citrine.

We wanted to point this out to our crystal family to ensure you are all educated about what you are buying and the risks of purchasing Citrine.

What are the healing properties of Citrine?

Citrine brings light and new beginnings. The stone encourages joy and optimism, motivating us to accomplish our dreams. This crystal is associated with wealth and abundance, which is why it is often called “The Merchant Stone” to bring the most benefit of its wealth properties by placing your Citrine in the wealth corner of your home or business to attract good fortune. 

Other healing properties of Citrine include: 


The solar plexus and navel chakras can be cleansed with Citrine. The stone opens the intuition and opens the crown chakra

The solar plexus (third chakra) is the source of inner strength, confidence and willpower. We connect to our personal power and ability to actualise our desires through this chakra.  

Improving Energy and Balancing 

If you feel that you are surrounded by negativity and need to cleanse your environment of everything draining your energy, Citrine could be precisely what you need for this. Citrine has the power to absorb the negative energy that is surrounding us. This, in turn, cleanses and balances our bodies, allowing us to be more energised. 

Encouraging generosity 

Citrine is a happy and generous stone known for attracting wealth; however, the crystal also encourages us to share what we have whilst still holding onto our wealth. This makes Citrine a powerful ally for people looking to improve their ability to communicate and spread fortune. 

Providing Peace 

If you need more peace in your life between relationships, consider using Citrine to help resolve and provide relaxation for these rifts. Citrine imparts joy to all who behold it meaning that gloom and negativity are absent around the crystal. This peaceful energy that radiates from Citrine can help smooth groups or family discord. 


Citrine has the power to aid our psychological development and love for ourselves. If you haven't felt yourself and want to become your best self consider using Citrine to achieve this. 

Citrine raises self-esteem and self-confidence and removes destructive tendencies. It enhances individuality, improves motivation, activates creativity, and encourages self-expression. It makes you less sensitive, especially to criticism, and encourages acting on constructive criticism. It helps you develop a positive attitude and to look forward optimistically, going with the flow instead of hanging on to the past. This stone promotes the enjoyment of new experiences and encourages exploring every possible avenue until you find the best solution.


Citrine can benefit our mentality in many different ways. If you have wanted to improve yourself mentally, consider using Citrine to aid in the development of revitalising the mind. 

Citrine enhances concentration and revitalises the mind. It is excellent for overcoming depression, fears, and phobias. Citrine promotes inner calm so that wisdom can emerge. It helps digest information, analyse solutions and steer them in a positive direction. This stone awakens the higher mind. Wearing a Citrine pendant overcomes the difficulty in verbalising thoughts and feelings. 


Citrine is an excellent crystal for emotional imbalance due to the energy it emits through our bodies. 

Citrine promotes joy in life by releasing negative energy traits, fears, and feelings at the deepest levels. It overcomes the fear of responsibility and stops anger. This stone helps you move into the flow of emotions and become emotionally balanced.


Citrine is believed to have various physical benefits for its users. 

The crystal is said to be useful for people who are particularly sensitive to environmental and other outside influences. 

It is also said to be highly beneficial for CFS and reverses degenerative diseases. Citrine stimulates digestion, the spleen, and the pancreas. It negates infections in the kidney and bladder, helps eye problems, increases blood circulation, detoxifies the blood, activates the thymus, and balances the thyroid. It has a warming effect and fortifies the nerves. As an elixir, it is helpful for menstrual problems and menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, balancing the hormones and alleviating fatigue.  

How to cleanse Citrine

Citrine is one of the few crystals that never needs cleansing. Instead, you can also use this mineral to cleanse and recharge other crystals. Simply place your crystals on a bed of Citrine in the sun or moonlight to cleanse and recharge them. 

Is Citrine Water safe?

Yes, Citrine is water safe making it suitable for use in a therapeutic bath or popping into the water to make a powerful healing drink to energise you from the inside out.  

What Zodiac is Citrine?

Citrine is associated with Scorpios due to the wisdom, courage and sincerity this crystal provides. Do not be alarmed, other zodiac signs—Citrine has benefits for you too!

Which Birthstone is Citrine?

Citrine is the birthstone for November. This birthstone is known for its calming energies while bringing good fortune and warmth to the user. If you know someone with a birthday in November, consider gifting them a Citrine to bring them light and energy.