Crystal Family Guidelines


Hey there, beautiful souls! 🌈✨ Welcome to our groovy crystal chat, where love, peace, and positive vibes flow like a gentle river. Here are some far-out guidelines to keep our crystal-loving tribe in harmony:

  1. Respect and Love: Let's all ride the waves of respect and love. Peace, love, and crystals, right? Treat each other with kindness and positive vibes. We're here to uplift and support one another.
  2. No Selling: Our journey is about sharing the crystal love, not making a quick buck. So, please, no sales pitches, advertisements, or promotions. Keep it real!
  3. No Spam: Spamming the group is like a discordant note in our groovy tune. Don't do it. We're all about quality, not quantity.
  4. Protect Your Energy: Keep your personal info to yourself. Do not share or abuse peoples privacy by using their phone numbers outside of the chat. We're all about good vibes, not bad juju.
  5. Respect Each Other's Flow: Don't go sharing private messages or personal stuff about others without their permission. We're all in this together, so let's respect each other's privacy.
  6. Be a Cosmic Helper: When someone's seeking wisdom, share your light! Be helpful and share your knowledge with love. We're all about learning from one another.
  7. No Hate, Just Love: Hate speech, negativity, or uncool vibes have no place here. Keep it positive and inclusive. We're all stars in the same galaxy, after all.
  8. Don't Overdo the Self-Promotion: We get it, you're cosmic, but no need to over-promote yourself or your stuff. Let your vibes speak for themselves.
  9. Spread Good Vibes, Not Gloom: If you spot any issues or rule-breakers, don't fret. Just report it to our friendly admins, and we'll keep our crystal caravan rolling smoothly.
  10. Feel the Cosmic Flow: Let's ride this journey together, spread love, and celebrate our passion for crystals. Share the love, the knowledge, and the groovy vibes!
By embracing these guidelines, you're joining a tribe of crystal-loving, peace-spreading, love-embracing individuals. So, let your inner light shine, and let's keep this crystal community groovy and harmonious! ✌️🌟💎