Green Aventurine Tumble Stones
Green Aventurine Tumble Stones

Green Aventurine Tumble Stones

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· Love   · Harmony   · Calming

Aventurine is known as the ‘heart healer’. A stone of the Heart Chakra, it promotes love, harmony, and the most calming energy.

Providing us with the confidence to take life by the "you know whats" this stone will allow us to move forward in life, take some risks, and feel confident.

The rich green colour of Aventurine resembles mother earth and brings a connection to nature. This connection improves our psychic health and strength.

Due to its calming and soothing energy, it will help with all types of anxieties and fears. 

With this new calming and peaceful attitude, any romantic relationships or friendships will soon flourish and become the relationship you always dreamed of.

Born In: Brazil
Weight: 14grams (approx)