Biotite Mica - 13

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· Clarity   · Healing   · Energising

Biotite Mica is a companion for those seeking clarity and emotional healing on their journey.

Its gentle vibrations are excellent for relieving mental fog, revealing the clarity and sharp intellect that resides within.

As a bearer of emotional comfort, it kindly nudges the heart to release the shackles of negative emotions, paving the path for emotional maturity and serene stability.

Biotite Mica, has an energising essence which brings vitality into you and your surroundings, reinvigorating the life force that courses through your veins.

Through the tender touch of Biotite Mica, you may find a harmonious blend of mental, emotional, and physical rejuvenation, each whisper of this mineral bringing a sweet promise of clarity, healing, and vitality.

Born in: Silver crater mine, Canada
Weight: 215grams

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Weight: 215 g

Size: 9.7cm

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