Botswana Agate Tumble Stone


· Grounding   · Soothing   · Love

Botswana Agate is a soothing stone that helps ease its owner through any transitions with positivity and grace. Discover solutions instead of dwelling on problems and help to explore creativity.

Botswana Agate will help you cut through the crap and concentrate on what matters.

This is a profoundly grounding crystal that can help you develop self-confidence in order to stand your ground firmly and gently.

An excellent ally for people who have gotten out of a toxic relationship and are trying out dating again.

Intuitively chosen - These crystals come in all different shapes and sizes. When ordering these crystals, we chose the perfect stone for you!

Born In: Botswana
: 18grams (Approx)

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 18 g

Size: 2.4cm

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Product information



Agate is an excellent stone for those seeking to manifest their dreams and goals. It can help you feel more connected with your inner-strength, power and purpose.

Agate is the best healing crystal to bring about a state of inner peace through meditation. The sound of silence creates more space between thoughts, allowing one to focus on whatever task at hand without worry. The calming energies make it an excellent crystal that brings balance into our lives when we feel scattered or ungrounded.