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Quartz With Chlorite Tower - 547

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Chlorite in Quartz is a great all-round crystal for cleansing and purifying. It will help clear any negative energy from the surrounding crystals and also help to purify your energy field.

Chlorite and Quartz has a very gentle energy and can help bring about balance in your life by clearing away negativity or providing protection from outside influences.

Born In: Brazil
Weight: 1,494grams

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 1494 g

Size: 10 x 19 x 8cm

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Chlorite in Quartz

Chlorite in quartz, a mesmerizing combination of green chlorite mineral inclusions and quartz crystals, is a captivating gem for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Discover its origins in Brazil, the United States, Madagascar, India, Russia, and Switzerland. Dive into its healing properties, from emotional balance to physical well-being. Explore gentle cleansing methods and learn about its water-safe nature. While not linked to a specific zodiac sign or birth month, chlorite in quartz welcomes all with its purifying and harmonizing energies. Join us on a journey to uncover the beauty and benefits of this unique crystal.