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Hematite, Chlorite & Monazite Tower - 101


· Calming   · Empowering   · Negativity

This is a new find coming straight out of brazil. This is a beautiful crystal packed with Chlorite, Hematite and Monazite.

The colouring is such a vibe.


Chlorite in Quartz is an excellent all-round crystal for cleansing and purifying. It will help clear any negative energy from the surrounding crystals and also help to purify your energy field.

Chlorite and Quartz has a very gentle energy and can help bring about balance in your life by clearing away negativity or providing protection from outside influences.


Hematite helps you find balance between your body, mind and spirit. It's an excellent stone for those who want to keep their negativity at bay while also being able to communicate with others easily because it dissolves any negative energy around you.

Hematite is also helpful in connecting with the higher self. This stone is a great choice for anyone looking to improve their overall well-being.


Monazite, a remarkable stone, acts as a beacon of clarity, dispelling negative and intrusive thoughts from the mind. It plays a crucial role in purging negative energy, along with disruptive or destructive behaviour, paving the way for a surge of positive energy and a renewed zest for life. It's a stone that aids in breaking free from unhealthy patterns, offering stability and peace to the mind.

Born In: Brazil
Weight: 188grams

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 188 g

Size: cm

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