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Pink Lithium Quartz Tower - 400


 Anxiety   · Depression   · Spiritual Growth

Embrace the nurturing embrace of Pink Lithium, a gentle and loving crystal that holds profound healing properties. This remarkable gemstone is here to wrap you in a blanket of unconditional love and compassion, offering solace and emotional support during challenging times. With its delicate pink hues, Pink Lithium emanates a soothing energy that dissolves feelings of stress, anxiety, and emotional pain.

It gently opens your heart, inviting you to release any barriers and embrace the healing power of love. Allow Pink Lithium to be your guiding light, helping you cultivate self-love, forgiveness, and inner peace. Let its gentle vibrations cradle your soul, reminding you that you are deserving of love and capable of healing. Bask in the tender energy of Pink Lithium and experience its transformative embrace as it encourages emotional healing and restores harmony within.

Pink Lithium is a natural antidepressant, calming the nervous system and assisting you to a deep state of relaxation.

Helping with panic attacks, anger, and bringing you back to the present moment.

Born in: Brazil 
Weight: 681grams

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 681 g

Size: cm

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