Fossilised Quartz Shells
Fossilised Quartz Shells
Fossilised Quartz Shells
Fossilised Quartz Shells
Fossilised Quartz Shells

Fossilised Quartz Shells

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· Master Healer   · Purifying   · Detoxifying

During the Cretaceous Period, 100-50 million years ago India was submerged under the prehistoric Tethys Ocean. Within this marine environment lived rare left-hand coiled gastropods that have been rediscovered in the form of fossilized shells.

These fascinating fossils are composed of chalcedony Quartz and are often internally encrusted with druzy quartz.

Since these rare fossils are found embedded in hard rock matrix, they are hammered, chiseled and carefully cleaned by hand.

An extremely high vibration crystal, Clear Quartz, can transform a room into a sacred space. Associated with profound energy cleanse. Clear Quartz will make you feel reborn.

Helping you to alleviate emotional pain and release energetic blockages, Quartz will set you free and let light in.

This crystal not only raises the vibration of surrounding crystals but also amplifies them. Clear Quartz will only enhance positive energy, leaving negativity behind. Channelling specific energy during meditation will send it out into your space, leaving you surrounded with blissfulness.

Intuitively chosen - These crystals come in all different shapes and sizes. When ordering these crystals, we chose the perfect stone for you!

Born In: India
Weight: small 2 / medium 5 / large 10grams (approx)
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