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Tiffany Stone Freeform - 350A


· Emotional Healing   · Intuition   · Spiritual Growth

Tiffany Stone, also known as Bertrandite or Opalized Fluorite, is a rare and enchanting crystal celebrated for its profound healing properties.

This gem fosters emotional release and supports individuals in overcoming fears related to emotional expression and intimacy, acting as a beacon of emotional strength and resilience.

By enhancing mental clarity and intuition, Tiffany Stone opens the third eye chakra, deepening one's connection to higher consciousness and psychic abilities. It encourages a journey of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment, guiding individuals toward their true path.

Tiffany Stone's unique vibration promotes physical vitality, supports the circulatory and respiratory systems, and infuses the body with rejuvenating energy.

Embodying the essence of the divine feminine, it harmonises emotional balance and nurtures a deep sense of compassion and unity with all beings. It is an ideal crystal for those seeking to awaken their compassionate and intuitive selves.

Associated with the heart and third eye chakras, Tiffany Stone is a powerful tool for meditation and spiritual practices, enhancing one's ability to connect with the divine and the inner self.

Born In: Spor Mountain, Utah, USA
Weight: 150grams

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 150 g

Size: cm

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