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Turritella Shells on Matrix Bordeaux

Size: Small

Experience the enchanting beauty of our Turritella Shells from Bordeaux, elegantly displayed on a natural sand matrix.

These fossilized treasures capture the essence of time itself, showcasing the intricate spiral shells of ancient marine creatures in exquisite detail.

Each Turritella Shell tells a story of the prehistoric seas, where these graceful creatures once thrived. Fossilised in the sands of Bordeaux, France, these shells are a testament to the Earth's rich history, dating back millions of years.

As a stunning piece of natural history, our Turritella Shells add a touch of timeless elegance to your decor.

Whether you're a collector, a nature enthusiast, or appreciate the wonders of the past, these fossilised treasures serve as a captivating reminder of the enduring beauty of our planet's geological heritage. Display them proudly and let them transport you to a bygone era where ancient life left its mark in stone.

Intuitively chosen - These crystals come in all different shapes and sizes. When ordering these crystals, we chose the perfect stone for you!

Born In: Bordeaux, France
Weight: grams (approx)

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Weight: 0 g

Size: Small 8.2 / Large 11.2cm

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Size: Small

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