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Easy Ways To Cleanse Your Crystals

Cleansing should be a calming experience... Your Crystals aren't going to fly outta town if you miss a full moon! We love our fellow members of the crystal community, and...

Cleansing should be a calming experience... Your Crystals aren't going to fly outta town if you miss a full moon!

We love our fellow members of the crystal community, and we are all about sharing the love, light, and healing energy that crystals can provide to our lives. But have you ever given much thought to the actual cleansing process of your crystals? If you are new to this crystal thang, you may be thinking, WTF?? Aren’t crystals, like, self-cleaning or something? Well, the answer is no, but don’t stress! Cleansing your crystals is actually a pretty fun and relaxing process, that can also give you a more centered energy within your soul. And because nothing remains flawless forever (well, except maybe Beyoncé), it is a good idea to give your crystals a good cleansing every now and again to shake off any lingering bad vibes. However, the crystal community is super chill, so you should never stress too much if you miss the right time in the moon cycle. Cleansing should be a personal and calming experience, and your crystals aren’t going to catch the next flight outta town if you miss a full moon!

So, we are going to give you some suggestions on different ways you might want to give your crystals a sense of cleansing and renewal. But feel free to improvise, and remember that cleansing is all about creating positive energy and healing through pure intentions. So, go ahead and cleanse your crystals, but remember to relax and have fun during the process. 


Water is the great equalizer, a natural resource that gives the earth, and its inhabitants, the gift of life. The simple act of a water cleanse can be internalized by creating your own ritual, dipping your crystals in the powerful, surging ocean waters, or a calm river or stream. Don’t have access to a luxurious oceanfront property? That’s ok, neither do we! Tap water works just fine, too. The ritual is under your complete creative control. Your crystals will be made one with the force of the water, restoring a cleansed balance to promote full inner healing power. Some softer crystals are not meant to be fully submerged in water, so be sure to check the solubility of your stones before performing a water cleansing. 

Water Cleansing Pink Lithium

Natural Light

The power of light provides a powerful counterpoint to water. Set your stones outside on a full moon before you turn in for the night, and leave your stones outside on the earth to renew their healing energy bathing in the light of the moon. Your stones can be left out until morning, so go ahead and have that cup of coffee and then go retrieve your fully recharged crystals. The Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, has worked her magic overnight to restore and rebalance the natural healing energy of your crystals. 



The use of a cleansing smoke to cleanse your crystals is also known as smudging, and can be performed with a variety of smudging tools, such as incense, sage, or palo santo. This may not be the obvious choice for anyone who is super clumsy . . . but we swear it does work. First step is to open a window, this will allow all bad vibes to be released. After your smudging tool is lit, blow out the flame and run your crystals threw the stream of fragrant smoke, cleanse yourself and your crystals one by one, allowing the smoke to carry the negative vibes away. Upon completion of your cleansing ritual, gently place your smudgestick in a fireproof vessel until the light is completely extinguished. Let’s say it again together – completely extinguished! We don’t need to start any (unintentional) fires.

See our Cleansing Kits or Palo Santo.



Possibly one of the most natural ways to cleanse your crystals is to use the most powerful tool at your disposal – your mind. You may be thinking, yada, yada, I’ve heard this before. But it is absolutely true! Simply find a quiet space and slip into a meditative state, while visualising the power of your third eye to create a bright light force surrounding your crystals. Imagine this light filling your crystals with pure, cleansing energy, and you will actually begin to feel the crystal’s energy shifting within your healing hands.

Above all, regardless of which cleansing process is your vessel of choice, make your intentions known by reciting a powerful mantra during your ritual. It should be something personal, repeated silently or aloud, and will help to draw away the negative energies of your crystals and restore their inner beauty and power.

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