Hyacinth Jasper Crystal Healing Properties

Hyacinth Jasper Crystal Healing Properties

Hyacinth Jasper is a mesmerising mineral that has gorgeous purple, maroon, grey-blue and white colouring throughout. This crystal will help guide you through changes in your life while providing gentle energy to ensure you are ready and stable enough to empower these changes.

What is Hyacinth Jasper?

Hyacinth Jasper is an incredible new find coming out of Utah, United States. The gentleman who discovered this mineral (in a mine his father owned!) told us personally the story of how he named this newfound gem.

McKay told us how he was sitting in his mother’s garden having tea when he noticed that the Hyacinth flowers she was growing were the same colour as his new mineral find, so he decided the most appropriate name would be Hyacinth Jasper!

Hyacinth Jasper Mining

Where is Hyacinth Jasper From?

Hyacinth Jasper was discovered and only found in Utah, USA.

What are the healing properties of Hyacinth Jasper?

Due to Hyacinth Jasper being a new find, there is still much to be learnt about the complete healing properties of this mineral.

The current healing properties that we know this mineral provides are:


Hyacinth Jasper is an excellent crystal for people who struggle to find the motivation and determination to finish a job, whether this is school work, cleaning or getting a work-related task done! This crystal works to kick up your desire and drive to get a task done. This makes this crystal particularly beneficial for university students who sometimes need that extra determination and motivation to finish that assignment! 


Hyacinth Jasper opens the Heart Chakra, which brings in the Universal energies. This mineral allows the energies to flow down to your Third-Eye; it opens and activates your clairvoyance power and ability. 

Making Change 

This crystal wants to make massive changes in our lives. To do so, the mineral encourages us to truly see what steps need to be taken to make the most beneficial changes to improve our daily life and well-being. As the mineral encourages these changes, it ensures we are grounded into the physical plant to manifest all this work. 

How to cleanse Hyacinth Jasper

Hyacinth Jasper can be cleansed in multiple ways. One of the most common and popular methods of clenasing Hyacinth Jasper is using palo santo wood or incense smoke. This method involves holding your crystal in the steam of smoke coming from the palo santo wood or incense while simultaneously setting new intentions for the mineral. 

For more details about cleansing all types of crystals, check out our blog here.

Is Hyacinth Jasper Water safe?

Yes, Hyacinth Jasper is water safe and, therefore, can be used to make healing water or can be cleansed by using water.

What Zodiac is Hyacinth Jasper?

Hyacinth Jasper is especially beneficial for Aries. This is because this sign particularly benefits from the determination and change this crystal facilitates. These properties allow Aries to be passionate, motivated, and confident leaders in everything they undertake.

Which Birthstone is Hyacinth Jasper?

Hyacinth Jasper is the Birthstone for March.