Orca Agate Crystal Healing Properties

Orca Agate Crystal Healing Properties

Orca Agate harnesses the energies of the ocean and seas. This crystal brings a sense of calming and inner peace that washes over like a healing wave. These energies also boost self-confidence and courage whilst simultaneously promoting communication and understanding. 

Orca Agate is a stone of protection, helping to guard us against negativity and negative energies. This crystal is also thought to promote healing, both physically and emotionally. These beneficiaries of Orca Agate make it an excellent addition to any crystal collection and a great gift for anyone who could benefit from its protective and healing energies. 

What is Orca Agate?

Orca Agate, also known as Blue Chalcedony Agate, is a very calming, soothing stone that eliminates self-doubt and promotes in-depth self-dialogue. This crystal is a relatively new stone, having only been discovered in the last few decades. However, it has quickly gained popularity due to its unique appearance and beneficial metaphysical properties. This variety of Agate is simply magnificent.  

Where is Orca Agate From?

Orca Agate is a type of cryptocrystalline quartz that is only found in Madagascar. It is named for its resemblance to the Orca whale and is said to possess similar metaphysical properties. 

This gem is thought to have formed over millions of years as a result of lava flows and hot springs in the area where it is found. The resulting stone is a beautiful Blue Chalcedony with white or grey banding. 

What are the healing properties of Orca Agate?

This gorgeous crystal can release self-doubt or self-loathing and brings inner peace and calm. Orca Agate brings a sense of wholeness and well-being while bringing emotional stability. Additionally, this stone is closely linked with the water element due to its fluid energy, truly representative of the earth's oceans and the Orca whale.  

There are many ways to use Orca Agate, depending on what you hope to achieve with it. Carry a piece of Orca Agate with you when you need protection from negative energy or when you are feeling down. Place a piece of this crystal in your home or office to create a calm and peaceful environment. 

Additional healing properties of Orca Agate:  


This powerful crystal is an excellent companion to use in meditation. To channel the energy of Orca Agate, use it in crystal healing or meditation. This crystal is thought to connect one with the energy of the ocean and promote serenity and peace when used in meditation. It can also be utilised to see into the future or access previous lives. If you have wanted a more peaceful meditation, consider using Orca Agate to achieve this. 


Orca Agate is believed to be helpful in treating a variety of issues, including headaches, stomach problems, and even certain cancers. It is also thought to promote tissue regeneration and healing.


When you have acquired the reputation of being the Forgiveness Stone, it might be challenging to live up to it. Orca Agate, however, lives up to its reputation and operates on the chakra, unlike any other crystal. It can help you delve deep and unearth small nuggets of truth that you’ve long since burrowed inside your throat—enabling you to communicate your truth and re-connect to elements of yourself that you had lost touch with.


Orca Agate is associated with the throat chakra. Orca agate is known for its ability to help with communication and bring to light your inner truth.


If you have been struggling emotionally, consider using Orca Agate to heal pain and hurt that could limit your emotional well-being. This stone is often used to heal deep emotional scars, allowing you to perceive yourself clearly. Orca Agate helps us use forgiveness to aid in open, honest self-communication and reconciliations. 

How to cleanse Orca Agate

Orca Agate can be cleansed using various methods, including sunlight, moonlight, smudging, and running water.

Place your crystal in direct daylight for a few hours to cleanse your Orca Agate using sunlight. 

Moonlight is also a great way to cleanse your crystals. Place your Orca Agate outside overnight during a full moon for best results.

Smudging is another popular method of cleansing crystals. To smudge your Orca Agate, hold it in the smoke of a sage stick or Palo Santo stick.

Running water is also an effective way to cleanse your crystals. Hold your Orca Agate under running water for a few minutes. You can also place your crystal in a bowl of water overnight.

When cleansing your Orca Agate, use whichever method you feel most drawn to. For more information about the various cleansing techniques, check out our Easy Ways To Cleanse Your Crystals blog. There is no wrong way to cleanse your crystals!

Is Orca Agate Water safe?

Yes, Orca Agate is water safe. However, cleansing your crystals before using them in water is always best. This will ensure they are free of any negative or unwanted energy. 

What Zodiac is Orca Agate?

Orca Agate is associated with the zodiac sign Pisces. Pisces is a water sign and is ruled by the planet Neptune. Those born under this sign are often highly creative and have strong intuition. They are also compassionate and sensitive souls. Orca Agate is thought to be a stone that can help those with the Pisces sun sign to connect with their intuition and creativity. 

Which Birthstone is Orca Agate?

Orca Agate is a birthstone for March. Those born in March are often attracted to this stone as it is thought to promote creativity, intuition, and psychic abilities. Orca Agate is also a protective stone and can help ward off negative energy.