Pink Halite Crystal Healing Properties

Pink Halite Crystal Healing Properties

Pink Halite is a stone of cleansing and purifying and opening and releasing all the issues we hold trapped in the heart. We live through fear, or love, and if we have accumulated the energies of fear, stress and negativity, we hold that energy. Pink Halite is efficient for purification, and the crystal stimulates spiritual discernment and multi-dimensional evolution. 

Pink Halite is a powerful crystal with many unique metaphysical properties. These are perfect for rebalancing energy, bringing positivity, aura cleansing rituals, and purification. If you are looking for a way to promote healing and balance in your life, Pink Halite may be the perfect crystal for you. 

What is Pink Halite?

Pink Halite is a beautiful pink-coloured salt found only in certain parts of the world. The colour is due to the salt’s high mineral content, which includes iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium. 

Salt has been used for centuries as a healing tool. The ancient Egyptians used it to cleanse wounds, and the Chinese used it to relieve pain. Salt is still used today in many different ways to promote health and healing. 

Pink Halite has the ability to cleanse the aura and replenish your energy so if you're feeling low, deflated or flat, keep this crystal close as you release what has become stagnant. 

Where is Pink Halite From?

Pink Halite is found only in Searles Lake, an endorheic dry lake in the Seares Valley of the Mojave Desert, California, USA. Collection of these specimens is quite the process, and the permission to the lake has been paused. 

What are the healing properties of Pink Halite?

When used in meditation, Pink Halite can help to bring about a deep sense of connection with the Earth and our place within it. This is due to the crystal’s unique property to connect us with Earth as a result of the high mineral content of the salt is said to help ground us and provide a sense of stability. These attributes make Pink Halite an excellent crystal for meditation and prayer. The calming energy of the salt is said to help focus the mind and promote a sense of peace and well-being. 

Additional healing properties of Pink Halite include: 


Traditionally aligned to the Heart Chakra, it is a stone of self-love, allowing you to put your needs first. It raises self-esteem, uplifts the spirit, and provides mental clarity to enable you to gain closure on bad relationships, complete unfinished projects, let go of toxic guilt, and dispel long-help worries. Ideal for purification and aura cleansing rituals, it brings positive, rebalancing energy. 

Metaphysically Pink Halite calms and soothes the heart and solar plexus. It does this by working on the emotional level to dissolve doubt and confusion, and any emotional wounds. Pink Halite is definitely an interesting and calming energy to explore. 

Clearing negative energy 

If you are feeling down or have been through a traumatic experience, Pink Halite can help to clear away any residual negative energy. 

Pink Halite is full of loving and purifying energy. It is believed to evaporate toxicity and cleanse, all while lightening the mood and lifting oppression. 


Emotionally, Pink Halite is beneficial for the treatment of anxiety and depression. The salt’s high mineral content is said to help balance emotions and ease feelings of anxiety and stress. 

This gem facilitates well-being and a sense of being loved. 


Psychologically, Pink Halite dissolves old patterns, negative thoughts and ingrained feelings, such as anger, and helps you to transcend problems. 

Ameliorating anxiety and bringing contentment, Pink Halite transmutes feelings of abandonment or rejection, promoting emotional well-being and increasing goodwill. 

This crystal dispels a sense of oppression and acts as a diuretic. 

Promoting peaceful sleep 

Another unique property of Pink Halite is its ability to promote relaxation. The salt is said to have a calming effect on the mind and body, making it an ideal treatment for Insomnia and other sleep disorders.  


Spiritually, by drawing out impurities lodged in your soul or etheric bodies and creating inner balance, Pink Halite assists in harnessing your will to the guidance of your Higher Self and creates a more objective perspective. 

These protective stones guard against negative energies, entity attachment or psychic attacks, especially when under the influence of drink or drugs or in spaced-out spiritual states. It is particularly instrumental if you become the object of someone else's unreasonable lust or needy feelings. 


Pink Halite effectively detaches entities and spirit possession and prevents reattachment or fresh spirit attachment. The pink colour encourages spiritual development, raising personal vibrations, simulating metaphysical abilities and removing negativity. 


Physically, this stone stimulates the body’s meridians and enhances acupuncture or acupressure, grounding the healing properties of other crystals. 

Pink Halite is also believed to help treat headaches and migraines. The minerals in the salt are said to help relieve tension and pressure in the head, neck and shoulders. 

Other physical healing benefits provided by this crystal are believed to be supporting detoxification, metabolism, and cellular memory; beneficial for water retention, intestinal problem, bipolar disorder, respiratory disorders and the skin. 

How to cleanse Pink Halite

It is vital to cleanse your Pink Halite regularly, as it can absorb negative energy. Here are some tips on how to cleanse this gem:

  1. Use incense or palo santo wood to cleanse your crystal. Placing your Pink Halite in the stream of smoke from the incense or palo santo will cleanse and purify the crystal. 
  2. Another method you can try is holding your Pink Halite in your hands and visualising white light surrounding the crystal. 
  3. Place your Pink Halite in a Selenite bowl or on a Selenite plate. The Selenite will cleanse and recharge the crystal. 
  4. Put your Pink Halite in a bowl of rice. The rice will absorb any negative energy from the crystal. 

All these methods are just as effective as each other, so it's really about what method is most suitable for you! Check out our blog on Easy Ways To Cleanse Your Crystals to learn more about cleansing your crystals. 

Is Pink Halite Water safe?

Due to Pink Halite being salt, the mineral will dissolve if placed in water.  However, putting a small chunk of Pink Halite in the bath makes for the most therapeutic bath bomb you will ever try! 

What Zodiac is Pink Halite?

Pink Halite is most commonly associated with the astrological sign of Cancer. Those born under this sign are said to be nurturing, loving, and protective. They are also known for their strong emotional nature and their need for security. Pink Halite is said to help Cancers tap into their emotions and express them more positively. It is also believed to promote healing and balance in their lives. 

Pink Halite is also associated with the element of water. This connection gives it some of its emotional qualities and ability to cleanse and purify. Water is said to be a powerful force for change, and Pink Halite is said to help harness that power. It is believed to be helpful in times of transition and transformation.

Which Birthstone is Pink Halite?

Pink Halite is the birthstone for October. The pink colour of the gemstone is said to represent love and compassion, making it the perfect gift for someone you care about. Pink Halite is also said to promote creativity and imagination, making it an excellent stone for artists or anyone in the creative field. This gemstone is believed to have calming and soothing properties, making it ideal for anyone who suffers from anxiety or stress. Pink Halite is a beautiful and unique gemstone that is perfect for anyone born in October or anyone who loves the colour pink!